Why Him?

Why Him? 2016
Length:1h 51min.
Country:USA, Cambodia
IMDB:6,2 (74 263)
Director:John Hamburg
Actors:Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Tangie Ambrose
  • Why Him? 2016
  • Why Him? 2016
  • Why Him? 2016
Needlessly guarding father named Ned, alongside his kin, decides to attend her lovely offspring Stephanie during the holiday period. But there, the perfect family retreat will be destroyed by a weirdo with a eccentric character and quite defiant behaviors who happened to become Steph’s boyfriend. A dramatic rivalry arises between the conservative dad and crass Laird.

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Comments 2

    1. Cburnette23 13 September 2018 04:48 Reply
      This movie is dull, superficial and cliche
    2. rob.trentson 9 February 2018 02:22 Reply
      Give it a chance! It's actually very funny and enjoyable. I laughed out loud for a good amount of time and felt this good vibe after watching it. It's not that original of a story line but honestly... I find it quite entertaining
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