According to her

According to her 2016
Length:1h 30min.
Country:USA, France
Genres:Drama, Comedy
IMDB:7.4 (63)
Director:Estelle Artus
Actors:Irina Abraham, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Eloise Eonnet
  • According to her 2016
  • According to her 2016
  • According to her 2016
Veronica is a good pianist, who has a bright future in music. Soon she marries a kind Frenchman and goes with him in New-York. Unfortunately, at the new place, the woman spends all her time with her son. She feels that she had lost her independence and wants to return it. Veronica starts to think about a resumption of her career and at this hard time, she meets a young Frenchwoman.

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