Interstellar 2014
Length:2h 49min.
Country:USA, UK, Canada, Iceland
Genres:Drama, Adventure
IMDB:8,6 (1 130 736)
Director:Christopher Nolan
Actors:Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
  • Interstellar 2014
  • Interstellar 2014
  • Interstellar 2014
The future brought what mankind feared the most - a quick death. The earth may no longer be a home to people, predicting either death or homelessness. The only way to stay alive is to find out is it possible to live on a planet in another galaxy. So the group of scientists has to choose the right next home.

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Comments 1

    1. thomaswilson 19 February 2018 01:32 Reply
      Some of the most beautiful space panoramas ever. Attempts to deal with real science and physics, which is rare in movies. The tesseract part was a little beyond me, but who knows what happens when you go through a black hole?
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